My inspiration for this blog started with a little bit of acne. It was during that lovely pubescent time of 6th and 7th grade when those red unwanted bumps started appearing on my face. Of course, everyone goes through that phase, one pimple here, another one there, but I was the unfortunate one who was diagnosed with straight up acne.  I went to all extremes in the drugstore buying technology like Nuetrogena Wave to washes like the Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub; nothing worked. I needed to dig a little deeper to help my face to clear up. It wasn’t until the end of 8th grade when I made the discovery of products that changed my face forever: organic skin care. From then on my breakouts became less frequent and I was motivated to research specific ingredients found in facial products. Juice Beauty, MyChelle, SkinCare Organics, Yes! To Tomatoes; these brands (and more) helped me create a more healthy, paraben-free skin care routine and made me aware of the benefits of organic face washes. So when you are going to the drugstore for face wash, think twice about what you are buying. Read the labels, check for parabens, and if it isn’t the product you thought it was, the organic aisle is always open.


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