Organic skin care routine. Check. Well almost. Even though the bumps faded and the redness was soothed, my acne was still a problem. I began to think about my everyday food consumptions and realized that I could weave in healthier alternatives into my meals without drastically changing my diet. For example, that vegetable that has everyone talking, yet no one can handle eating, KALE. I have a kale salad everyday for lunch and dinner; iceberg lettuce is so last year. The list of benefits from this veggie goes on and on: prevents cancer, contains antioxidants A, C, and K, helps eyesight, and more. Another one of my everyday rituals (which began as my new year’s resolution) is drinking three cups of tea. GREEN tea to be exact. I bring a large, reusable water bottle to school everyday and fill it with decaffeinated green tea. Yes, it can be difficult to find decaffeinated green tea on the shelf of your local grocery store. Usually I mix one bag of regular and one bag of decaffeinated tea just so I don’t run out of the decaf too fast. Tea, green tea especially, is a great, natural source of antioxidants and flushes out the system, helping clear the skin of impurities. My friends have noticed my habits and I am now referred to as “The Healthy One.” But who wouldn’t want to be known as that? I have inspired many of my companions to eat salad rather than candy bars (really, at least four of my friends bring salads to school now) and I hope to inspire more throughout high school.


3 thoughts on “Food

  1. It is wonderful to see a young person thinking about their health! I was the same as you as a teenager I couldn’t get enough of learning about nutrition. How food affects the body is so fascinating! You are creating habits that will last a lifetime and onto your future family as well. Keep it up 🙂

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