My Daily and Nightly Skin Routine


I have a very specific routine for my face in the morning and at night. Like I said in previous posts, I use all natural or organic products. I hope these lists will help you to make healthy choices while walking down the cosmetics aisle.


-I start off by washing my face with A-D-E Natural Fruit Oil Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive Skin. This cleanser is fabulous for keeping your face hydrated and fresh. It also acts as a great face makeup remover, eliminating all greasy build up on your skin.

– I then moisturize my face with Yes! To Tomatoes: Repairing Acne Lotion. This is also 97% natural and not tested on animals. It is great for controlling the oil on your face, while creating a smooth base for any cover up, foundation, ect.


– I use the A-D-E Natural Fruit Oil Cleanser again to wash off all make up, dirt, and oil on my skin.

– I then wash my face with Skin Organics Spearmint Exfoliating Cleanser. I believe I have talked about this product before but let me reenforce its significance. It clears acne slowly yet efficiently and does not over-dry the skin. I am almost out of this cleanser though, so I plan to buy another product by Skin Organics called Peppermint Milk. I am in LOVE with this cleanser as well; It is more hydrating and makes your face smell like Christmas 🙂

-I then moisturize my face with Rose Hip moisturizing cream by Rosa Mosqueta. Rose hip has a high potency of Vitamin C, which helps slow down the aging process by preventing free radical damage. It is also fabulous for keeping the skin hydrated.

– Last I use my prescribed acne medicine for any problem spots. This is a drying agent so I try to use a very small amount.

I hope this inspired you to hit up Whole Foods or Pharmaca for any facial products! If you have any suggestions, do tell me; I would love to hear them. :


4 thoughts on “My Daily and Nightly Skin Routine

  1. Elena Dear,
    It certainly sounds like you’ve done your homework on skin care products! I have “old” skin and no problems with acne. I know this must sound rather minimal, but I use drug store Cetaphil cleanser morning and night. I’ve used it for years and find it very satisfactory. Then I use several products from the Clinic line because they’re hypoallergenic. I never checked on the chemical composition of Clinic products, animal testing, etc. Guess I should

  2. Elena – I love your blog! Great information regarding skin care products. I also, use Cetaphil for myself and the girls because it works so well but we would love to try some of the others products you mentioned. Thank you for passing along this information!

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