Juice Cleanse

As I walked through the multiple tasting booths in William Sonoma, I approached a salted caramel station. The owner handed me samples, describing the “6 month aged balsamic vinaigrette and Himalayan sea salt” he used in the candies. Very impressive. I expressed how lucky he must be to make and eat such delicious caramels. He replied, “Yes but the worst part is that I can’t eat any of it. I’m on a juice cleanse.” A juice cleanse? Wow. Now THAT was impressive. I’ve always wanted to do one but had no idea where to start, what to juice, how to stay alive, ect. My brother recently got me a juicer for Christmas so might as well start there. The more I talked to the man at the carmel booth, the more motivated I became to try this cleanse.

Not going to lie, it was hard.

The first day I drank a glass of juice and a glass of lemon water in the morning, a light meal of quinoa and veggies in the afternoon, and a savory dinner juice in the evening. Being an academic student and active athlete, I realized the combo of not receiving enough calories and the stress of school did not mix well and I had to stop the cleanse. I tried again the following weekend, and felt much more relaxed. I definitely recommend trying it for two days. I felt so awake and light; my skin cleared up and I was a much more relaxed during the day.


•{Cantaloupe Mint Pear Juice }•
– 1/2 Cantaloupe, quartered and peel removed
– 2 medium pears, quartered
– (roughly) 1/2 cup mint, stems removed

Throw into a juicer and enjoy!



ImageI’m off tothe gym! I like to have a variety of workout routines but I feel that going to the gym is the easiest way to stay fit. I usually begin on the treadmill and run at 6.0 mph for 30 minutes and then walk on an incline of 8.0-9.0 for 10 minutes. Then I go down stairs and do 10 reps on the “Ab Workout Machine” (for lack of a better word). I then go back upstairs and do another 20 minutes on the elliptical. That is usually a hard day workout for me. If I just need a small pick-me-up, I will run for 30 minutes and then hit the shower. Although gyms are the most convenient places for burning calories, they can also be super bacteria-infested. Make sure to ALWAYS clean your equipment before and after you use it, just in case. Have a nice workout!